Why Women?

Inclusion of women is finally starting to be a top priority with international institutions and organisations that true equality and progress is not possible without empowerment of girls and women. Following the establishment of UN Women, institutions like European Parliament are now also debating advancing gender equality roles through legislation and policy and its promotion among politicians in parliaments and governments.

Women are consistently not included in top economic and political decision-making positions and their voices are drastically underrepresented. This has left the majority of women out of the workforce, global debates (both online and offline) and especially local and international news media. Since media presence is one of the most visible forms of inclusion and influence, women’s essential contribution to solving global problems and framing public policy debates and representation in the media is of vital importance.

All this is not possible if women are kept marginalized from utilizing the modern information and communication technologies for local and global impact. Our aim is to bring them to the global stage by connecting them with the rest of the world!