Young Digital Leaders

Young Digital Leaders

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This April, we launched our ‘Young Digital Leaders,’ a pilot project in a remote Gujranwala village of Pakistan. We are teaching basic digital literacy to 14 high school girls to increase their chances on continuing their education and increase their chances of getting employed or starting an entrepreneurship venture.


  • We are teaching them digital literacy skills through online mentorship and a local facilitator. They are learning to use the computer to write their CVs, digital story-telling, and basic skills needed for workplace. The second phase involves introduction to coding skills
  • The girls are also introduced to different career options through online lectures and Google hangouts that are delivered by our vibrant community members of technical female professionals and IT leaders.
  • The girls are documenting their learning experiences from our course and we plan to feature their stories on our online portal in coming weeks. They can be accessed at
  • We are introducing them to coding skills and teaching them how to build websites during the coming weeks!

The main aim of this project is to enable young women to have access to information, educational and job opportunities and to increase their likelihood for employment.

We, at ChunriChoupaal, believe that women’s economic empowerment is the key for achieving gender equality and technology can help us accelerate that goal.

ChunriChoupaal Centers are Community Technology Centres for Women for the local communities.


CC Centers are based on our award winning project idea“Community Technology Centre for Women.” These centres aim to focus on opportunities for women in the field of modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) and sensitize new technology users on the emerging issues and risks associated with making a presence online and data generation. Through this project, ChunriChoupaal is attempting to provide low cost access to both computers and Internet with learning facilitation thus helping these women connect and empower them to improve their lives!

We ran our first pilot-project in a remote Thal desert area of Pakistan where 25 women registered to take part in our training program. We are currently looking for partners and community members to collaborate with for further implementation of this project.